Ordinance N ° 2 LivelyBody's - September 2020


Preserve your immunity to fight winter viruses

Black seed oil

It modulates immunity, that is to say, it adapts your immune defenses to the needs of your body.

Use :

Take a teaspoon at noon and in the evening before a meal.

Castor oil

It is antibacterial and antiviral, it stimulates the body's immune defenses. Ideal against winter viruses.

It is only used as a poultice.

Use :

Soak a tissue with castor oil and place it on your stomach. Put plastic film (food for example) on top, and a hot water bottle on top of the plastic. Leave on for at least 1 hour.

Do not neglect a healthy diet, consisting of fiber, fruits, vegetables. If possible, avoid sugar.


Brighten your complexion

Carrot Oil:

It gives a healthy glow. Ideal before summer to prepare the skin and after to keep the tan.

Apricot kernel oil

Illuminates the complexion and restores its radiance.

Use :

Lightly massage your face morning and evening with a few drops of one of its oils.