Prescription N ° 3 LivelyBody's - October 2020


Overcome cellulite.

Calophyllum Inophyll Oil:

It has a draining, circulatory and decongestant action. It improves the suppleness and elasticity of the skin. It is the best oil to fight against cellulite.

Cocoa butter:

It contains Theobromine, which destocks fats and caffeine known for its slimming properties.

Shea butter:

It deeply nourishes the skin, restoring elasticity and firmness. In massage, it activates microcirculation and helps prevent dimpling.

Use :

Use in a long and energetic massage morning and evening, kneading your skin on the legs, thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach.


Overcome premenstrual syndrome.

Evening primrose or borage oil:

They will help you thanks to their high content of gamma-linolenic acid, concentrated in omega 6 which have an anti-inflammatory action.

They also act to positively support the hormonal system and thus help relieve various premenstrual disorders such as breast and stomach pain, mood swings, migraines ...

Use :

1 teaspoon of one of its oils before meals. A 3 week cure between periods 4 times a year. You can also massage yourself every day with one of them.