Prescription N ° 4 LivelyBody's - November 2020


Get rid of pimples.

Especially when you notice a pimple appearing on your face, don't make the mistake of trying to pop it, it will only make the inflammation worse.

Some vegetable oils can help you speed up their disappearance.

Nigella oil:

Its anti-infectious and anti-inflammatory action will be an asset. It will regulate the production of sebum which can be at the origin of the button.

Inophylated Calophyllum, or Tamanu oil:

It has anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory and healing properties ideal for treating all kinds of pimples.

Use :

1 or 2 drops of one of these oils on the pimple (or even all over the face at night) and massage gently so that the oil penetrates well. Repeat several times a day until the button disappears.



They are manifested by a rise in acidity due to gastric fluid in the esophagus, sometimes even in the throat.

They are often caused by too much pressure on the stomach, as in cases of pregnancy or being overweight, or by too much acidity in the stomach due to a poor diet. To relieve these burns, a vegetable oil will help you:

Nigella oil:

Thanks to nigelline, it stimulates the gastric system and protects the lining of the stomach.

Use :

1 teaspoon of one of its oils before meals. A 3 week cure between periods 4 times a year.