Ordinance N ° 5 LivelyBody's - December 2020


Bring dry and brittle hair back to life.

Dry and brittle hair is weakened, so do not under any circumstances attack it with a hairbrush that is too hard, or with abrasive products.

Favor nourishing masks with vegetable oils and do not attach them too much, let them breathe!

Each of us is suitable for one oil more than another, do not hesitate to test several to find out which one best suits the needs of your hair.

Recommended vegetable oils:

Coconut oil:

It is rich in saturated fatty acids and easily and deeply penetrates the hair fiber to nourish and hydrate it. Results, your hair will quickly appear stronger and shinier! and your scalp will be cleansed and protected.

Apricot kernel oil:

It nourishes the hair fiber, and helps fight against hair loss.

Mango oil:

It is emollient and soothing in case of itching.

Borage oil or evening primrose oil:

They have great nourishing properties, we often recommend combining them. They will restore vitality and shine to your hair. They can also be taken orally.

Castor oil :

It is the only oil thanks to its ricinoleic acid, which will help you nourish and strengthen your hair while sheathing it. It cleanses the scalp, to help strengthen them. It is also a source of antioxidant vitamin E.

Wheat germ oil:

Thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids, it gives strength to your hair. It also has nourishing and anti-hair loss properties.

Argan oil :

It is very antioxidant, and penetrates into the heart of the hair fiber to deliver its regenerating and restructuring action. It will tighten the scales of your hair, to make them stronger and shinier.

Avocado oil:

It will be a good ally for brittle and split hair. It will repair the hair fiber and help with hair loss.

Cocoa butter:

It is very nourishing because it is very rich in fatty acids. It protects the hair and makes it softer and shinier.

Sweet fine oil:

Very nourishing, it makes the hair less coarse and silkier.

Use :

Coat your hair with oil before going to bed, massage gently to penetrate well, and rinse the next morning, using a mild shampoo. Don't forget to put a towel on your pillow so you don't stain your sheets!


Solve constipation worries

Constipation can be temporary or chronic, it depends on your nervous state, your diet, lack of physical activity ...

First of all, make sure that your diet is rich enough in fiber and that you drink enough water to allow good transit.

The oils that I recommend:

Sweet fine oil
Olive oil
Linseed oil

My favorite oil:

- Coconut oil, for its taste, and for its sanitizing and cleansing action.

Use :

1 tablespoon in the morning on an empty stomach for 2 or 3 days.

If you are really very constipated, take one in the morning and one at bedtime.

My mom's little remedy:

In the morning on an empty stomach, before getting out of bed, drink two large glasses of water at room temperature and stay in bed for 15 minutes before putting your feet on the ground. It works ! you will be amazed!