Rehydrate your skin after the holidays to better prepare for winter LivelyBody's - September 2020

The holidays are good, that's undeniable, but they can also sometimes be a real test for our body, our face and our hair.

What are the right actions to keep the benefits of the holidays while regenerating our body?

When you wake up, put on a spoon of ghee (clarified butter, widely used in Ayurvedic medicine to detoxify the body) mix with honey, keep both in your mouth for about a minute before swallowing it. This mixture will rehydrate your body and your organs in depth. Remember to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day.

To rehydrate your cells, rely on essential oils. On a sugar or in a glass of water, a drop of essential oil of rosemary in the morning, a drop of essential oil of pine at midday and a drop of essential eucalyptus in the evening. Always before meals, to oxygenate your cells and boost your immune system.

For your hair, once a week make a mask by coating it at bedtime with castor oil and rinse it when you wake up. Every time you wash your hair, apply a few drops of jojoba oil to rehydrate it, but not excessively so it doesn't look greasy.

Before taking your shower, apply sesame oil to your body and hair, it will regenerate your skin, make it more elastic and protect it from limescale. After the shower apply avocado oil in small quantities on your body, massage well, it penetrates immediately and nourishes your skin deeply.

For nails, hands and feet, apply every night at bedtime, castor oil or shea butter.

To heal your face, apply Elichrysum floral water morning and evening after cleansing your face.

Rosehip oil in the morning

In the evening ginkgo biloba oil

Thoroughly penetrate. If your skin is really very dry, add a drop of elichrysum essential oil each evening mixed with Ginkgo Biloba vegetable oil.

Within days you should be hydrated again!