The E-Books collection

For its first 4 E-books, the team of LivelyBody's it's associated with Sam, our naturopath.

Sam will teach you there in simple words, that to be beautiful and attractive on the outside, to be slim and dynamic, lastingly, you have to be good on the inside.

In LivelyBody's , she convinced us all!

Sam is neither a star, nor a celebrity, nor a high priestess of health, she has been recommended to us by many famous bloggers who already work with her.

She is a simple, joyful woman, comfortable in her skin, who amazed us all by her naturalness and her freshness!

She has found and applies easy formulas, to live in harmony in her skin and in her life and to help others.

Enthused by his results, we therefore decided to structure our site according to his advice in 4 parts:

BE LOVED , BE RELAX , BE SLIM and BE HEALTHY like the 4 E-books of Sam.

Then we decided to make an e-book bringing together the 4 parts.

Sam has since joined us in the team LivelyBody's to take care of the newspaper and guide us in the choice of our care.

Here is, thanks to his E-books, playful and generous, how Sam suggests you bypassing obstacles to find your essence and reach you.