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Magical night

Nuit magique - Anti-bactérienne

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Softening and restorative for delicate skin and damaged hair.

Anti-skin irritation, antibacterial, antifungal, nourishing, revitalizing.

Softening and restorative for delicate skin, it is a little thick for the day, to be used especially in the evening, in a thin layer.
It is also effective against dark spots, and promotes hair and nail growth.
It slows down microbes thanks to its purifying properties.
It is effective in case of acne, or small impurities on the skin.
To heal and grow nails and hair, massage each nail with a little oil or leave it on your hair as an overnight mask.
It dissolves perfectly with shampoo.
For our friends the men, it promotes rapid beard growth, and prevents hair loss (no more than once or twice a week) in a non-harmful and
natural, it is therefore an essential oil for you gentlemen.

Do not swallow, can be very toxic.

Ricinus communis.

2 years.
Store away from light.

Origin :
Packaged in France.
Product from organic farming.


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